About RSR

The RSR Advantages

Mission and Vision

RSR’s mission is to offer only the most assured projects that will protect the approval of our partners’ green card applications, and the security of their invested capital. RSR provides a professional and trustworthy bridge for EB-5  investors to the United States.

1. Reliability

We are strong, safe and transparent. We believe we keep investment risk to a minimum and provide each investor a clear view of both the project and the green card application process.

2. Safety

RSR founders, CEO Samuel Switzenbaum and CFO Steven Kessler, have amassed more than 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of real estate development and investment, across public and private sectors. Through their past and present affiliated companies, Mr. Switzenbaum and Mr. Kessler have managed, developed and/or acquired over 1 billion dollars in investment-grade real estate throughout their partnership. As a result of their expert leadership, the RSR team have the ability to select low-risk projects for EB-5 investors.

3. Results

Principals and affiliates of RSR have successful track records in helping EB-5 investors obtain their green cards. Every customer and green card applicant is our top priority; it is our intention to use all of our resources to assist green card applicants until their permanent green cards are obtained.